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May 20, 2012
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Sun light slipped through the curtains. You mumbled a bit as you heard foots steps all through out the house. Last night you and your long term boyfriend, Mathew, finally did...well you know...the deed and you were a bit sore.
"Hey (Name)..." Mathew whispered in your ear hushly.
"Mmmm..."You responed letting him now you were listening.
"I'm running really late for work." He whispered "I'll see you later, kay?" There was bit of hesitance in his voice. You noticed it.
Mathew was a special kinda guy. One he was a nation. He release that secret to you quite some time ago and you were completely okay with that. You loved him. Two he was sort of invisible....
He was really hardly seen or heard by others. Most of the time he was really over looked, but with you it was definetly different.
You noticed him as if he was the only one there.
He loved you for that. For being able to see him even when he was soo invisable. He loved that you'd hug him, kiss him, a touch him, loved him. Though somehow he always had that thought that sometime you'd too would start to overlook him.  He thought a bit poorly of himself but in your eyes he was the most amazing guy on the earth.
Without a second thought you jumped from the bed and tackled him in a hug.
"Kay." you smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. "Love you."
He smiled. All worry replaced with reasurance.
"I love you too (Name)." He smiled and kiss your forehead tenderly blushing a bit seeing as you were still naked from the night before.
"Well I'm off!" He said "You go back to sleep, kay." He said laying you down gently.
"Kay..."You mumbled cuddling under the covers. They felt a bit empty without your Mathew there to hold you.
You listened soundly as his foots steps slowly faded and then the front door close. You sighed and  snuggled over to Mathew's side and breathed in his scent. After a while you fell back into slumber.
_____WITH MATHEW____
Mathew was genuienly happy. He knew you truly loved him as he did to you.  Though that happy feeling didn't last. As soon as he reached the conference building he noticed too late that he had left his very important briefcase at home on the table.
He sighed.
No used going home now and he really couldn't call you to bring it to him. One reason being you were probably asleep. Last night was pretty amazing ,in his opinion, and both of you didn't hold back so you were probably tired as well as he was. So you need your sleep.
The second was that no one knew that he was dating well, a mortal. He was a contry and you were a reglar human girl. He's broken a taboo that should not be messed with. Though you were the only one who noticed him, gave him all your love and affection, you were the one that made him feel real and that he exsited, and for that he didn't care.
Snapping back to realitly he rushed out his car and into the building. Checking in at the front desk and running as fast as he could into the conference room. He swung the door open and huffed trying to catch his breath.
"I'm sorry I'm late I overslept!" He exclaimed to the best of his abilities.
The nations all turned to see him with confused faces. He became a bit shy under the sudden attention.
"Uh Who are you?" America, Alfred his brother, asked.
"I'm Canada" he huffed a bit diflated before taking his seat next to  him.
"Ummm okay." Alfred said then continued his speech about how he was a hero.
Mathew sighed.
Forgotten once more...
______WITH THE READER______

After resting up fully you finally got up from bed and got dressed wearing you boyfriend's favorite hoodie. It fit you a bit big and loose since he had a built body compared to your fragile one but you wore it either way.
You walked slowly downstairs and into the kitchen. Smiling when you saw a pile of pancakes nicely stacked on a plated on top of the bar with a small note and giant jug of maple syrup next to them. You reached out and grabbed the note opening it gently to read it.
Dear, (Name)
I made you some pancakes. Hope you like them. :)
Love Mathew
Your smiled grew as your eyes filled with love. You  closed the note and kissed it softly before laying back down on the bar. Grabbing the plate you placed it in the microwave and waited for them to heat up.
Wow you were very lucky to have Mathew. Even when running late to a meeting he stopped and made you a bach of delicious pancakes. He was such a sweetie!
You opening the microwave and carefully grabbed plate of pancakes. Walking over to the bar to you grabbed the maple syrup and poured a generous amout over them before you walked toward the table.
You sat down and began to eat them saboring each bit to the last bit. Your eyes traveled around the room through the many pictures and memories Mathew and you had throught your relationship before landing on the suitcase that laid across you.
Then you stopped.
You remembered how Mathew cheerfully explained to you yesturday all these ideas he had for the meeting held today. The gleam he got in his eyes was pure determination and you felt so proud of him. You remebered asking him that if he had everything ready. He responed yes that everything was neatly packed in his briefcase.
Eye's widened you swolled hard before swiftly running back up stairs. You barged into Mathew's room and grabbed your shoes and sliping them on. You rushed back downstairs and grabbed a pair of car keys and locking the door.
You jumped in the car and began your way to Conference meeting.
A hour or so later you reached the huge building in which the meeting was held. Swiftly you ran into the building and up to the front desk lady.
"Excuse me I need to drop something off a the United Nations meeting!" You said in a  hurry.
"I'm sorry but there is no-"
"Lady I mean like now!" You showed her to case with that held Canada's seal on it. She immidiatly stopped and looked at it.
"Conference Room 221" she said flatly.
You never ran so fast in you life. Obviously the elavators would be packed but the stairs were torture for you legs. THAT still hurt from last night!
Running up to the door you stopped and  caught your breath. With a firm nod you straigtened up and opened the door.
Taken back by the sight that you saw. For one there was a man in a bomber jacket yelling to heavens about a hero...? Then who hairy men ,one with big eyebrows and the other just hairy in general, practiacally choking eachother. A large man with a man with a pipe scaring a femaline like chinese male and his other asian companion with three others that trembled violently.  On the other hand a woman violently hit an albino man over the head with a frying pan as another with a mole held in his laughter.
All while Mathew sat silently with a sad smile.
"Uh Excuse me...?" You said awkwardly.
Everyone stopped and turned to you.
"Uh Can we help you,love?" The one with eyebrows asked you letting go  of the other man.
"Yeah I'm looking for Mathew?" You asked stepping into the room.
"Who?" asked the one that was yelling.
"Canada." You said flatly. Seriously? Did he just ask you who Mathew was?
"Dudette, I don't think there anyone here by that name."  he answered back. You looked around the room and easily spotted you beloved boyfriend.
"Really now?" You asked "Then who is he." You pointed to Mathew and began to walk over to him.
"Excuse me Mon Cheri but there is no one there." The hairy man said.
"Uh He's right here!" He put and arm over his shoulders. Now the others began to look at you wierdly. Almost as if you were crazy.
You sighed.
Fine. If they were gonna be that way you were going to MAKE Mathew noticed.
You hopped onto the table and so Mathew sat inbetween your leg. Then you swiftly grabbed his collar and  crushed your lips with his. Most of the nations jaws dropped as you snuck you toungue in.
You two made out for while before you pulled back.
"Mattie you forgot your briefcase as home!" you said ignoring the nations stares. "I decided to drop it off since you had some really important stuff in here!" You smiled arms wrapped around his neck.
"Thanks (Name) Its means alot to me." he smiled, his face still red from the kiss.
"No Problem my little maple leaf!" You smiled. "Well then I should be going Kuma's probably hungry by now." You hopped off the table and leaned over to give him a peck on the lips.
"Don't stay here too late, kay? Wouldn't wanna keep me waiting~" You smirked before exciting the room.
Everyone one stopped and stared at the door then at Mathew before most of the male nations ran over and began asking questions about the girl that just walked in.
_________LATER THAT DAY___________
You sat on the couch watching TV awaiting for Mathew to get home.  You sat up when the you heard a car in the drive way and then jangling of keys.
"Welcome home babe!" You greeted with a smile.
"Hey (Name) Missed you." he smiled back.
"Missed you too!" You  hugged him. "So how was the meeting after I left."
"Well I certainly got noticed." He smiled as his hands snaked there way onto your waste.
"Oh really?" You asked  snaking your hands around his neck.
"Yup and I even pitched my ideas." He smiled proudly.
"Wow! I'm so proud of you!" You giggled and gave him a loving hug.
He chuckled. "They loved them"
"That nice to hear." You kissed his lips softly. "But you wanna know something I love?"
"And what is that (Name)?" He smiled looking into your eyes passionately. You smiled and gave him a kiss.
Canada-Kun X3

I dont own Hetalia nor the picture~
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